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Pet Friendly Apartment Rentals in Beltline Calgary: Basic Amenities to Look for

While choosing pet friendly apartment rentals in Beltline Calgary you must consider a few features to ensure your pet receives what it needs. These features include pet parks, pet deposits, and other basic pet amenities. So, if you want to rent an apartment in Beltline with your furry companion, make sure to check whether it has pet-friendly amenities.

Make Sure Your Pet Receives What They Need

It can be tough to find pet-friendly apartments for rent in Beltline, but there are ways to make sure your furry companion receives all the attention and love it deserves. For example, a few apartments have breed restrictions for cats and dogs. Some pets are better suited to apartment living than others. Here are a few tips for choosing a pet-friendly apartment for rent in Beltline:

First, ensure your pet is the right match for the apartment.

Make sure to ask your landlord to perform a complete screening of promising tenants, especially those who want to bring their pets. Ensure the landlord checks the tenant’s background, credit history, etc. Also, make sure to arrange a meet up with the landlord and your pet.

Lastly, keep in mind to bring the proper vaccination records for your pet. Most landlords ask for vaccination proofs. You should also make sure that your pet has a name tag and wears a collar.

Basic Pet Amenities to Look for in an Apartment in Beltline

A pet park is not the only facility provided in a pet-friendly apartment. Some communities also offer in-house pet wash stations and communal play areas. In fact, a few provide social gatherings for the whole building. Based on the building, other basic amenities include veterinary services. These features make life easier for pets and residents. Here are a few basic amenities to seek while renting a pet-friendly apartment in Beltline.

1. Pet Park

Many pet-friendly apartments offer play areas for pets and their owners. Some have rooftops that can be used as pet parks. Having this facility makes rental apartments in Beltline with pets more attractive to tenants. Apart from offering extra facilities for pet owners, pet-friendly apartment buildings can also increase the rental income potential of the property. A few pet-friendly apartment communities charge a higher rental fee or extra charges for keeping pets.

2. Pet Wash Stations

A pet wash station is an amazing idea for any pet owner. Pet waste stations are generally located around common areas. These stations are stocked with plastic bags. These clean-up stations also help keep areas clean. Hence, a pet wash station is a great addition to every pet-friendly community. So, a landlord who puts such stations in their rental property will have delighted tenants.

What’s more?

You must also consider the size of the apartment, ease of cleaning, room layout, window orientation, natural lighting, pet hazards, neighbour location, and other nearby amenities for all types of pets. Some communities even provide pet grooming and boarding services. Contact Intergulf, which ensures to offer the best-in-class pet friendly apartment rentals in Beltline Calgary.

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